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Sadly, The game is no longer available to play.

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Lucky Train County

Welcome to the Lucky Train Wiki

The unofficial wiki about the Facebook game, Lucky Train. Created on August 17, 2010

Our goal is to become one of the best sources for Lucky Train information. We can, with the help from editors like you.

Sadly, The game is no longer available to play.

Reviews of Lucky Train:

"[Lucky Train] feels completely different, which is a nice escape from the norm." — FBMMO

"The social aspects of Lucky Train are quite intriguing." — Gamezebo

“Lucky Train is an interesting game in that it’s entirely built as a social game – it's very hard, if not impossible, to play it without friends". "The graphics are also noteworthy – they’re done in a deliberately nostalgic pixel-art style that calls to mind the classic games that inspired Lucky Train." — Neighborly Games

“Lucky Train is pretty unique, with a bright, friendly art style and several interesting mechanics that differ considerably from other Facebook games." — Inside Social Games

"Some companies are releasing very innovative games... Examples include 'Lucky Train'" — CNN Tech

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